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About KFAS Hackathon

A virtual hackathon organized by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS), under the umbrella of the Emergency Response Program, to develop beta digital solutions (functional prototypes) that address challenges faced by entities (governmental/private) in Kuwait during the coronavirus pandemic. The targeted beneficiaries of the solutions are entities that have been impacted by COVID-19 and have immediate need for solutions. The Hackathon is organized in collaboration with CODED, Agility, and MIT Media Lab.

Orientation Day: June 30th, 5 pm
Workshops: June 30th, July 1st, & July 2nd
Hackathon: July 3rd - July 4th, 6 pm to 6 pm
Location: Virtual (Zoom & Discord)

(Note: the word “Hack” and “Hackathon” pertain to “hacking” at a problem, which means finding a creative solution with limited resources. It is widely used by the coding and tech community to express creative problem solving through programming and design.)

You will have the needed virtual environment and mentorship support to be creative and find innovative solutions to the Hackathon challenges, within the context of a competitive environment, so are you ready to accept the challenge?

Prizes: 5,000 KWD for each of the top 3 teams with the most points!

Participation criteria:

  • Participants who speak either Arabic, English or both
  • Designers and/or Programmers
  • Participants who have a team or are willing to work with a team
  • Each team should have at least one programmer and one designer

Note: The event will be conducted in English, so at least 50% of each team must be proficient in English.

How to join the Hackathon:
  1. Visit the Hackathon page on Eventbrite to view guidelines
  2. Submit registration form (each participant must register individually)
  3. Attend Orientation Day and form a team
  4. Attend workshops and talks by local mentors to get inspired
  5. Start hacking!
  6. Even if you formed your team before the Hackathon, you have to register individually and attend Orientation Day to benefit

Check the


Prizes are given to recognize and celebrate major success which is above and beyond normal expectations. Success is defined here as generating good solutions and having them adopted and implemented. A solution is not a good solution if no one is willing to adopt or implement it.

  • The 3 teams with the highest scores among all tracks will receive The Grand Prize of KD 5,000 each to be paid in cash upon submitting formal commitment letter from a legally established entity (government or private) to adopt the prototype and develop it further on their own or with support from others.
  • The Grand Prize will not be given if no entity is willing to adopt the prototype

To recognize effort made, the team with the highest score from each track will be started on KFAS application track for KFAS Emergency Resilience P financial support. This means the possibility of initial funding to be used toward the implementation of a pilot for the solution.

Final Winners

5,000 KWD

  • The top 3 teams from the second round will be counted as the winners. Each team will receive a cash prize of 5,000 KWD

Points System (First round of points collection)
The question that must be on your mind now is, “how do I win?” Well, we’ll tell you how! To earn a point, you must follow the basic project outline on Trelloboard and fill in the rest with your creativity! The more features you build; the more points you get. There will be a live online Leaderboard that everyone can view (even non-participants) to keep track of each team’s points.

Top 10 Teams (Second and final round of points collection)
The top 10 teams with the highest points are invited to virtually present one of the solutions they built to a panel of judges on Zoom. The panel of judges will be composed of high level representatives from KFAS, CODED, Agility, and the entity which this solution is built for. Each judge can award a certain number of points (so try your best to impress them and show off your awesome project!)

Meet Our



Director of Learning Innovation


Co-founder, Catalyze


Founder & CEO, STEMBoard


"Managing Principal, ON Inc. Founder of Kayak"


Alex ‘Sandy’

Professor of Media Arts and Sciences & Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program Director


Technology Lead - Digital Channels, Gulf Bank

Dr. Frank

Vice President, Global Experience Design & Innovation at Kids2

Program Schedule

You can also attend the workshop sessions on KFAS YouTube channel

5:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Opening Remarks by the Hackathon Partners

Dr. Adnan Shihab-Eldin Director General, KFAS

H.E. Alina Romanowski Ambassador of U.S to Kuwait

Dr. Khaled Mahdi Secretary General, General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development

Mr. Tarek Sultan Vice Chairman and CEO, Agility

Eng. Ahmad Marafi Co-founder and CEO, CODED

Click here for the Zoom Webinar Link
Password: 37493

5:30 PM - 5:50 PM

Hackathon Guidelines

6:00 PM - 6:50 PM

Speaker: Philipp Schmidt

Topic: Digital Education, the Future of Education
Click here for the Zoom Webinar Link
Password: 899975

8:00 PM - 8:50 PM

Speaker: Haider Almosawi

Topic: Think Inside The Box: Designing with Constraints
Click here for the Zoom Webinar Link
Password: 398623

6:00 PM - 6:50 PM

Speaker: Aisha Bowe

Topic: Hacking for Social Good
Click here for the Zoom Webinar Link
Password: 287348

7:00 PM - 7:50 PM

Speaker: Terry Jones

Topic: Disruption OFF
Click here for the Zoom Webinar Link
Password: 465093

8:00 PM - 8:50 PM

Speaker: Ghalyah Alansari

Topic: Leveraging Data in a Post-Pandemic World
Click here for the Zoom Webinar Link
Password: 284733

6:00 PM - 6:50 PM

Speaker: Dr. Alex Pentland

Topic: Data Science & Analytics
Click here for the Zoom Webinar Link
Password: 736762

7:00 PM - 7:50 PM

Speaker: Burhan Khalid

Topic: An Introduction to Go
Click here for the Zoom Webinar Link
Password: 199827

8:00 PM - 8:50 PM

Speaker: Dr. Frank Tyneski

Topic: Design Thinking and Product Innovation
Click here for the Zoom Webinar Link
Password: 363881

12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Team Formation for the remaining participants (On Discord)

4:00 PM

Teams Ready

6:00 PM - 11:59 PM


12:00 AM - 6:00 PM


6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Top 10 Teams Present to Panel of Judges

Click here for the Zoom Webinar Link
Password: 397434

8:00 PM - 8:20 PM

Closing Remarks & Winners Announcement

On Instagram Live @kfasinfo @joincoded

*Orientation Day is mandatory. Applicants who register but do not attend Orientation Day will be disqualified.
**Coding time continues throughout the second day, July 4th, until 6:00 PM

Orientation Day

Hackathon Tools

  • Zoom: Voice and video conferencing tool which will be used for the Orientation Day, intro and outro of the event, as well as for the pre-Hackathon MIT Media Lab workshops, and local mentors’ sessions.
  • Discord: Discord will be the main line of communication between you, other the participants, and the organizers.
  • Trello: Trelloboards serve to organize the challenges into projects and provide a way for teams to view how much each feature is worth in terms of points.
  • GitHub: An online code collaboration tool where you can easily share and edit your code with your teammates and Hackathon judges

Team Formation

  • Teams must consist of 2 to 5 members.
  • If you want to participate as an individual, please notify us during Check-in on Orientation Day.
  • If you don’t have a partner or a team, don’t worry! We are allocating a time during Orientation Day where participants can form teams with our help and based on their skillset (we’ve got your back).


Challenge Areas

Meet Our


Mrs. Henadi

Chairperson, Agility

Dr. Ammar

Deputy Director General, Central Agency for Information Technology

Eng. Ahmad

Director of Information Systems, Ministry of Health

Eng. Zeyad

Director of Information Technology & Knowledge Management, KFAS

Dr. Bassam

Director of Innovation and Enterprise, KFAS
Meet Our

Organizers & Partners

Organizer of KFAS COVID-19 Virtual Hackathon

KFAS, a private non-profit organization was established in 1976 by an Amiri Decree under the direction of the late Amir of Kuwait, HH Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. His enduring vision has been to create and develop a thriving culture of science, technology and innovation for a sustainable Kuwait. KFAS’s charter represents the commitment by local shareholding companies to contribute 5 percent of their annual net profits to fund the foundation, which over the years has been reduced to 1 percent. For more information please visit KFAS website www.kfas.org

Agility is a global logistics company with $5.1 billion in annual revenue and 26,000+ employees in more than 100 countries. It is one of the world’s top freight forwarding and contract logistics providers, and a leader and investor in technology to enhance supply chain efficiency. Agility is a pioneer in emerging markets and one of the largest private owners and developers of warehousing and light industrial parks in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Agility’s subsidiary companies offer fuel logistics, airport services, commercial real estate and facilities management, customs digitization, and remote infrastructure services. For more information please visit Agility website www.agility.com

CODED, is the first coding education company in MENA established in 2015 with a mission to provide high quality coding and tech education in Kuwait and the entire Arab world. The CODED Academy offers a variety of coding Bootcamps in Kuwait to teach web and mobile development with the latest programming languages and frameworks. They also teach tech entrepreneurship and have graduated 40+ prospects and tech entrepreneurs. The CODED Academy has graduated 300+ coders and ran over 30+ Bootcamps and programs to date in and out of Kuwait. Additionally, CODED Juniors offers coding programs for children ages 6 to 14 years old. For more information please visit Coded website www.joincoded.com

The U.S. Embassy in Kuwait is proud to support the 2020 KFAS Hackathon. For years, the U.S. government has provided training and exchange programs to help build the capacity of entrepreneurs and innovators in Kuwait. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have shared knowledge and expertise from U.S. institutions with local partners to find ways to address the problems that this crisis has created.